What I learned in the last year? Resources and websites that help you get started with SQL Server

For Spanish version visit this link ¿Qué he aprendido en el último año? Recursos y webs que te ayudarán a comenzar con SQL Server
Within days, June 20th, will be one year since I joined Avanade Spain, so I think that is a good moment to stop and think over all learned in the last 366 days.
I can safely say that this was the year that I’ve grown more as SQL Server professional, When I started at company, didn’t know practicaly how a cluster works; the replication seemed a world apart; I wasn’t familiar with SQL Scripting; and my English level was much worse (you can see how badly I write, but before was even worse).
I got my new knowledges in a big part thanks to my father, my co-workers, Google, MSDN forums, and blogs that saved my life a lot of times, I going to enumerate some of this:
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Scripts: Jobs Not Executed in the Last Year / Job Activity Details

For Spanish version visit this link Scripts: Jobs no ejecutados en el último año / Actividad de Jobs Detallada
A few days ago i was looking for a script to let me know when was the last execution of a job, so I can review the jobs that were not executed in the last year and delete the ones not needed, but i couldn’t find anything valid, so i had to create one.
 I use the columns last_run_date and last_run_time from sysjobservers table to get this value, the scripts that i found on Internet used other columns from other tables which i will describe why i not chose:
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