Scripts: Jobs Not Executed in the Last Year / Job Activity Details

For Spanish version visit this link Scripts: Jobs no ejecutados en el último año / Actividad de Jobs Detallada
A few days ago i was looking for a script to let me know when was the last execution of a job, so I can review the jobs that were not executed in the last year and delete the ones not needed, but i couldn’t find anything valid, so i had to create one.
 I use the columns last_run_date and last_run_time from sysjobservers table to get this value, the scripts that i found on Internet used other columns from other tables which i will describe why i not chose:
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Error al actualizar tabla con columna rowguid

For English version visit this link Error updating table with rowguidcol
En uno de nuestros entornos, tenemos dos BBDD SQL Server 2008 R2 alineadas entre si por replica Peer to Peer, y a su vez cada BBDD tiene creada una replicación de Mezcla con varios subscriptores.
Cuando tratamos de realizar un update en un artículo/tabla que está en la publicación de Mezcla y en la publicación Peer to Peer nos muestra el siguiente error:
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Error updating table with rowguidcol

For Spanish version visit this link Error al actualizar tabla con columna rowguid
In one of our environments, we have two SQL Server 2008 R2 DB aligned together by Peer to Peer replication, and each of the databases have a Merge replication with multiple subscribers.
When we try to make an update on a article/table that is published in Merge and Peer to Peer shows this error:
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